Zrinski-Suleiman Thematic Route

Municipality of Szigetvár, Town of Osijek, Darda općina and the Tourism Association of Osijek started their joint tourism project of 14 months in September, 2015. With the help of the subsidy granted by the Hungary-Croatia IPA Cross-border Co-operation Programme the establishment and development of the Zrinski-Suleiman thematic route, as a new cultural tourism product package, will be implemented. Besides the existing attractions, the thematic route will also provide new ones at the major stations as Osijek, Darda and Szigetvár.

Main objectives of the project:
– formation of 3-day-long and a 6-day-long thematic route from the separate Hungarian-Croatian and Ottoman cultural and architectural heritage sites of the 16-17th centuries, joining them in an integrated tourism product
– fostering the increase in the number of tourists on both sides, supporting bilingualism
– fostering the social-economic development of the border region, improving its image
– raising awareness of the common history and each other’s culture
– developing the common partnership network

In Hungary the thematic route crosses Baranya, Somogy and Zala counties, while in Croatia it involves Osječko-baranska, Vukovarsko-srijemska and Međimurska counties. Detailed information about the actual route and its stations can be gained from the so-called repository of values and tourism database to be uploaded to the official project website. Furthermore, at 5 locations impressive map boards will provide information and help tourists find their way.

In Szigetvár tourists can receive detailed information in 2 information points: in the Departure Building of the Castle of Szigetvár and the DMO Office in the main square of the town.

Major stations of the thematic route covering 30 settlements:

Osijek, Valpovo, Darda, Mohács, Siklós, Pécs, Szigetvár, Čakovec and Šenkovec.

Project data:

Lead Beneficiary:
Municipality of Szigetvár

Project Partners:
Town of Osijek
Darda općina
Tourism Association of Osijek

Total project budget:
360 369,16 EUR

IPA-CBC contribution:
306 311,49 EUR

Project ID:



Information points:
Castle of Szigetvár
DMO Office of Sziegtvár (Szigetvár, Zrínyi square)