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siklós oldala

Értékleltár (letölthető dokumentumok)

The city at the feet of the Tenkes is extremely rich in medieval and Ottoman monuments. The Garai family rebuilt its 13th-century castle in gothic style. The majority of the mansion and the castle chapel hiding behind the walls was erected in the early 16th century. the latter, built between 1507 and 1515, is an outstanding product of Hungarian Gothic and Renaissance architecture. In the years following the battle of Mohács, the castle was in the Perényi family’s hands who fortified their possession here similarly to Valpovo. Ahmed Pasha of Rumelia besieged Szigetvár on 26 June 1543. The defenders led by Captain Mihály Vas held out for days but their case became hopeless after the fall of Pécs. Therefore, they surrendered on the principle of free withdrawal. However, the victors broke their words and hacked the unarmed defenders into pieces.
In the first decades after the capture of Siklós, it was regarded as one of the most important border castle of the region. Five hundred soldiers were garrisoned within the walls and the newly conquered castles in Baranya and Tolna were supplied from here. After 1566, it became a fort standing in the hinterland and the number of its defenders declined to a mere hundred. Since the guards did not pay any attention to the walls, their condition constantly deteriorated.
In the mid-17th century, the town was divided into the inner castle, the lower castle and a suburb skirted by walls. The inner castle, perched on top of a hill, was a fortified place where the rooms of the medieval palace remained intact. The Turks, without any bigger alterations, renamed the castle chapel the Mosque of Sultan Suleyman. The lower castle was surrounded by a long wall bordered with small circular bastions. It was skirted by a huge ditch and the bridge leading to the gate was raised every night. The majority of the citizens lived in the eight hundred houses of the town defended by a palisade. There were seven Muslim places of worship, three dervish monasteries, two inns and some Muslim elementary schools in the whole town. Its Bosnian citizens, who were hospitable, friendly and valiant, made their living by trade.
The Turks also built baths in Siklós. Sources report on a steam bath in 1547 and a spa in 1579, and Pál Esterházy mentioned the hot springs of the town suitable for bathing in the 1660s. The thermal water comes to the ground under the Perényi bastion even today. An archaeological excavation in the 1970s found that the unearthed walls were of Turkish origin. However, the existence of a bath house is still not proven. The significance of the castle of Siklós grew again during the Great Turkish War. Due to its strategic position, both military commands attempted to hold possession of it. According to contemporary newspapers in Munich and Vienna: „Siklós is an extremely favourably positioned Ottoman fortress. It is a most important place a mile from the Danube as the Ottoman port established there and the palisade defending it are supplied from the castle.” Therefore, the Turks fortified the castle and built a new rampart around the city well before the attack of the Holy League. „The town itself, where it was regarded necessary and is not unapproachable because of the swamp, was fortified by a strong earth rampart and bastionlike small forts with some guns in them.” Because of them, the Christian troops led by Friedrich Siegmund Schärffenberg could break Ottoman resistance only during a long-lasting bloody siege at the end of October, 1686. As a result, both the castle and the town burnt down and the Ottoman buildings decayed.
Of the mosques of Siklós, Evliya Çelebi deals with 4 in details: the two Mosques of Sultan Suleyman in the castle and Iskender’s and Malkoc’s suburban places of worship. Nobody knows where the first of the two latter mosques was built sometimes before 1570 but there was a caravanserai next to it. However, the latter has survived the tempest of time and the beautifully restored monument is today one of the landmarks of the town. Although the first mention of the place of worship dates back only to 1664, it must have been built in the mid-16th century, since its founder participated in the 1543 campaign and then he fought Zrínyi in the Bosnian and Croatian borderlands. The building with a floor plan of 150 square metres is one of the plainest mosques built in Ottoman Hungary. It rose in the court of an inn in the early 19th century and its dome collapsed in 1901. It was restored in the 1980s and received the Europe Nostra Award in 1993.


Siklós Tourinform
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City Café
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Restaurant Két Sirály
Tel.:+36/30/238-1411, +36/70/336-5450
7800 Siklós, Mária utca 3.
Inn Faló
7800 Siklós, Dózsa Gy. u. 15.
Piknik Center
7800 Siklós, Dózsa Gy. u. 2/a
Inn Vasúti
7800 Siklós, Vasút u. 9.
Pizzeria Maestro
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Siklós Castle
7800 Siklós, Vajda János tér 8.
Thermal Spa Siklós
7800 Siklós, Baross G. u. 8/a
Mosque of Malkocs Bey Open: Monday-Sunday: 9-17
7800 Siklós, Vörösmarty u. 2.
Orthodox Church
7800 Siklós, Táncsics u. 2.
Church of the Holy Trinity
7800 Siklós, Vajda János tér
Equestrian Farm Tenkes Kapitánya
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Hotel Agora***
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7800 Siklós, Kossuth tér 5.
Hotel Castello****
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Cottage Aralica
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Guest House Erzsike
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Apartment House Margit
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Guest House Márice
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Guest House Marika
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Guest House Szabó
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Guest House Weidl
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