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Értékleltár (letölthető dokumentumok)

As early as the Middle Ages, Nedelišće was the most important trading town of the Mura river region. The settlement housed an exports customs yard. Hungarian food stock passed here on the way to the Krajna, Carinthia and Italy, along with the biggest part of expensive baize and metalwork imported from the west. From the early 16th century huge herds of cattle started coming this way, driven by Hungarian cattle traders to the marketplaces of Pettau (ptuj) and Venice. This was the number one export article of Hungary in Turkish times, so everybody was eager to join its trading process. As recorded in customs documents, the local customs place saw enormous traffic and counted as the one of the most lucrative customs yards of the country.
Local burgesses participated in the trade from the very beginning, amassing fabulous profits. These moneys made possible the constant adornment of the church consecrated to the Holy trinity, which stands in the centre of the settlement; this building is now the most famous sight of the little town. The most precious part of the church is the 6-metre-high carved stone gothic tabernacle in the sanctuary, a masterpiece from the 16th century. When the town was taken over by the Zrínyis, a printing press opened here in the second half of the 16th century. The scholar Rudolf Hoffhalter found refuge here and on György Zrínyi’s commission he printed the Ivan Pergošić Kaj dialect Croatian translation of the tripartitum written by István Werbőczy in 1574.


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