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csurgó oldala

Értékleltár (letölthető dokumentumok)

The settlement on the Máriás creek, which flows into the Drava river was owned by the Knights of Saint John in the Middle ages. They built the wonderful gothic church in honour of the Holy Spirit, which survived all the storms of the centuries. At the same time, Csurgó had its fair share of suffering. After 1526 it came under crossfire during the civil war. Although the estate was seized by the Zrínyis by inheritance, Bálint Török also wanted to lay hand on the rich possession. In the autumn of 1534 he beleaguered Csurgó with his troops and refused to surrender it despite the explicit orders of the monarch. Sebestyén Tinódi lived here for a short time and chronicle writers spoke legends about the Csurgó gardens of Katalin Pemfflinger, Bálint Török’s wife. Miklós Zrínyi took possession of Csurgó in 1543; for years it would be the single Transdanubian castle of the family. The Hungarian estates voted to send 100 hussars for the defence of Csurgó and Berzence castles in 1546, with Márk Horváth appointed as their commander. Their possession never really ceased, so it is not impossible thatthe two families co-owned the castle for a while. During the campaign of 1555-1556 Csurgó played an important role in securing supplies for the Christians and in the defence of the Drava river borderline. In 1566 it came into ottoman hands and vanished from sight. In 1594 it was set on fire by fleeing Turkish soldiers, and was never mentioned in sources after that. It is only the church in Csurgó and the pasha-well in the outskirts of the settlement that carry the memory of those valiant times.



Inn Fehérló
8840 Csurgó, Rákóczi u. 73.
Café and Snack Bar LIMO
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Historic Park
Church of the Holy Spirit and its environs
Festetics Park
Csokonai Park and Arboretum
Local History Collection
8840 Csurgó, Csokonai utca 24.


Inn and Boarding House Azúr
Tel.:+36/82/472-406, +36/30/528-0043
8840 Csurgó, Széchenyi tér 17.
Restaurant and Boarding House Balogh
8840 Csurgó, Poldini u. 1.
Apartment Varga
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