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barcs oldala

Értékleltár (letölthető dokumentumok)

There are two castles we know about from the Middle Ages in Barcs on the river Drava, but their locations have not been determined to date. Sources only state that in 1561 80 soldiers were positioned in the castle owned by a lower noble, and that they belonged under the command of Miklós Zrínyi. The settlement was captured by the Ottomans in 1566; in the following year the Bey of Szigetvár had a new castle built in the area which today covers the inner city. The fort on the river safeguarded the Drava river Turkish fleet relocated here from Osijek. From this time to 1664 this was the most important ottoman port on the Drava. In August 1595 the news of György Zrínyi’s attack made its soldiers flee after they had set the castle on fire. Later it was rebuilt under ottoman rule; from these decades we have evidence of the existence of a mosque here. In 1664 the men of the pentagonal castle set it on fire again; its remaining walls were demolished by Hungarian troops. The shape of the castle is preserved in a drawing made by Pál Esterházy. This shows old Italian-style bastions in three corners, a roundel in the fourth, and a small section jutting froth at the tip. A moat encircled the structure; at the outer end of the bridge leading to the gate there was a small defensive outpost. In October 1686 the Koprivnica soldiers led by János Makár levelled the Turkish ramparts of Barcs, and drove the soldiers stationed there to Szigetvár. Monuments of the Turkish period are now kept at the local Drava Museum: an exhibition well worth visiting for those interested.


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